Lore Name: Regin the Radiant, Reginleit the Radiant One

Regin and Declan Chase’s story: Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Book 11)
  • Mate of berserker Declan Chase, once known as Aidan the Fierce
  • Best friend of Lucia the Huntress
  • Last of her mother’s people, the Radiant Ones, which were annihilated by vampires
  • Learned to count by her mother’s vampire bite scars
  • Despite this, she has evolved into a wit and prankster, quick to laugh and striving to be the world’s most immature immortal.
  • Met Aidan when she was 12-years-old, after she left Valhalla to search for Lucia the Huntress
  • Aidan the Fierce has been reincarnated at least four times, unknowingly defying death to seek Regin again and again throughout time. When he unconsciously returns for her, history repeats itself, and just when Aidan remembers who he was and what Regin meant to him, he is killed trying to win her.
  • Her only lovers have been Aidan and his reincarnations
  • Aidan’s current reincarnation is Declan Chase
  • Regin appears in the following books:

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